Sunday, August 7, 2016

Transport Extravaganza

Today was the Transport Extravaganza, and if anything it was bigger and better than ever.  The weather was perfect and we had a great crowd of visitors.  We'll have just a sample of the cars on display here; I could easily have taken ten times as many pictures, of course.

Cars were on display in the usual locations, and various odd spots.

The Model T above (actually a kit made from various parts) has the distinction of belonging to Nick Kallas, who is evidently willing to sell it.

The Veracruz open car, the 1374, and the 4391 were providing service on the car line as fast as they could.  On the main line were the 1630 with a coach train, the Zephyr (pulled by the BN-3), two 4000's, and the 714-749.

One interesting part was the buses on display, including a Greyhound SceniCruiser, open for inspection.

 I also met a blog reader from California, Randolph Ruiz, who was visiting IRM for the first time.  So he got a tour of the 309.  We're always glad to meet and greet our readers!

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Randolph Ruiz said...

Thanks again for the brief tour. It was great to meet you and to see IRM in person for the first time.