Friday, April 7, 2017

Doodlebug Carlines

Gregg Wolfersheim has been making great progress on the UP doodlebug.  This is just what many of you wanted to see.  He writes:

On M35, the water tank is finished with both sight glasses back in place with their red handles.

All of the carlines over the engine room were installed during Wednesday and Thursday.

Another view of the new carlines. Some touchup will still need to be done.

The view looking up showing the square headed bolts and nuts that sandwich the carlines with the steel ribs.

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Anonymous said...

The new issue of Rail & Wire came in today and I see the owners of this Blog made the front cover. Way to go you guys!

Not many museums still use oil in the marker lights. I hope some marked for the c,A & E are still around.

Thanks for all that you do here!

Ted Miles, IRM Member