Saturday, April 1, 2017

R Nu Look

This blog has now been active for more than nine years (has it really been that long?) but times change.  In order to post something, we have to sit down, organize our thoughts, write out complete sentences and fix any errors, and try to make sense.  That's not only a lot of work, it's just so 2016.

So after giving the matter very little thought, we've decided to get with the social media thing like everybody else.  You'll get the latest news within seconds, no matter how trivial, absurd, or just plain false.  Hey, we can provide wild, unchecked, ridiculous rumors with the best of them!

Of course, plenty of useless comments like "lol" will be encouraged.  And don't worry, besides the occasional railroad-related tweet, we'll have lots of cat videos, obnoxious comments about health care, abortion, immigration, and taxes, and news of incredible medical advances:

So be sure to like us on Twitter, follow us on Facebook, and so on.  U gotta get with it!


Anonymous said...

Word. (pronounced WOOoerrrrrdddd). I am looking fer da emoticons, but you have none listed, is that part of this downgrade package? :] :] :] :] :].

Anonymous said...


Randall Hicks said...


Jack Burton said...

4/1/17 LMAO

Steven M. said...

Just replaced my abacus with a battery operated calculator.
Soon to replace my wired tin can with a flip phone !