Thursday, October 26, 2017

Vacation Report

While on a brief vacation, we found some examples of what passes for railroad preservation at the Wisconsin Dells.   Just a block or two off Broadway, we happened upon this combination motel and hot dog stand.  Hungry?  Stop by the Rail Dog, if you dare.

RZESZOW GLOWNY, as they say.

 The Dells has some of my favorite places to eat, but this isn't one of them.

The current station on the old Milwaukee Road main line is patterned after the original station, which was much larger.   That station was "modernized" and then demolished, and this one was built about twenty years ago now.  It's really a nice design.

Finally, while I was away, Gregg Wolfersheim stepped in and sent us a picture of CTA work car S-333, taken in August 1971 a few months after it arrived at IRM.  It's sitting on what is now the streetcar line alongside yard 2.  To the right is the 354, I believe.  Gregg hopes Tim will appreciate this picture.  Thanks!


Thomas Bernacki said...

Is there any particular reason for the Rzeszow Glowny lettering on the caboose? Rzeszow Glowny is a station in Rzeszow, Poland.

Randall Hicks said...

I have absolutely no idea. For all I knew, it was some brand of Polish sausage. But I was hoping that one of our many intelligent and knowledgeable readers would be able to solve the mystery. Thanks!

Ted Miles said...

that is for sure a different kind of caboose "preservation".

Ted Miles

Anonymous said...

As I recall the Dells Depot was "demolished" by a derailed coal train.


Ted Miles said...

Stations are fun! My near home town Long Island Rail Road depot at Oyster bay, NY is being restored by the local railroad museum. President Teddy Roosevelt used it to travel to and from his summer White House.