Saturday, November 4, 2017

Trip report from Joel

Joel Ahrendt, our intrepid cub reporter, brings the following report from last weekend:

Sunday was also the last day of operations at the Monticello Railroad Museum until their Polar Express. A number of the car shop people trekked their way down to see how the operations are down at this fine museum. We were able to ride on their train which consisted of an open type car, two coaches and two cabooses. We opted for the last caboose of the train. They have a nice line, running from the museum proper into their station in town. After the trip, we looked at their displays. They are just getting their signal system in place. Up in the tower, the levers do operate their signals. There is still some work to do but they have put a nice display together. They have recently finished a display barn and are able to put more equipment inside. There is a nice walkway along the side, and some of the cars are open to look in. We also were able to visit all their shops, including the new section they have built on one of their barns that they are planning on putting a car in to work on. It will be heated and cooled, with a tool shop near by. This new space will hold some tools from their other shops, and clear up space. They have good plans, and a good crew working on their equipment. All and all it was a very nice day out.

Photos by Nick Espevik:

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