Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Update from Saturday

The regular Hicks Car Works team wasn't able to make it to IRM this past weekend, but fortunately our intrepid reporter Buzz Morrisette sent in the following photos detailing some recent work in the Freight Car Department and Electric Car Shop.

First up, this great Victor Humphreys photo of our newly-completed B&O wagontop boxcar. What a beauty!
Another photo by Victor, this time of Paul Cronin leading the switch move to take the car from the Barn 10 freight car workshop to its permanent (for the time being) home in Barn 14.
Buzz himself was in Barn 4 on Saturday to see some of the progress on Michigan Electric 28, which is having rivets driven to reassemble the frame under its front end. Two Steam Shop regulars, Stu and Jane, were on hand to lend their expertise.
Jane is IRM's own "Rosie the Riveter!"

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