Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Current Projects

  • SCENERY - Some CA&E cars had large framed photographs of scenic views mounted at each end of the passenger compartment. The 309 may be the only preserved car with these pictures still in place. Unfortunately, the original material is fragile, and one picture started to rip while the car was in service. So they need to be replaced.
  • Julie Johnson, a graphics expert, got a couple of these photos scanned and reprinted on heavy stock. They look great - thanks, Julie! I'm making new wooden frames so I don't have to disassemble the old ones. When this project is finished, they should look like this original, currently hanging in my office for safekeeping.
  • LINOLEUM - The wood cars all have a strip of old-fashioned "battleship" linoleum down the center aisle. It's about 18" wide. Part of the linoleum in the 309 was burned in the fire and had to be removed. All of it in the 321 was removed for some reason when the car was converted to storage. Replacement material made in Germany is now available (it wasn't for many years) and I ordered enough for both cars. It's arrived at Hicks Floor Covering in Geneva (good people to do business with!) and I'll pick it up on Saturday.

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Frank Hicks said...

Do we know when the CA&E started putting these pictures in the cars? And is there anything under the dark green paint on the picture frame, or was the frame painted green when it was built?