Wednesday, April 30, 2008

309 Report

Today was another busy day. I started by sanding down the outside window sill on the north side of the car and then painting it with primer.

I also went up on the roof to caulk a leak. In the first picture, you see how the roof panels are nailed to the frame through the ridges (circled in green). The water shouldn't be running across the ridge, but sometimes they start to leak for some reason. I can fix this by filling up the gap with caulk (circled in red).

And then here we have a view of the roofs of the cars from inside the barn.

I also painted the metal flaps on the trap doors with silver paint, and started putting a new coat of varnish on the woodwork of the ceiling in the main compartment. I touched up the end of the car and parts of the clerestory with brown primer, and I installed the penultimate arm rest. And as shown here, the end of one of the window shade boxes had come apart, so it was glued back together. Here's the improvised clamping system:

I also did some more sorting of parts in the 321, and took a sequence of photos of the 321's interior, such as it is. It's always nice to have before-and-after pictures of a restoration, but I find there are never enough "before" pictures. It's ugly, it's not what I want, and it's always been this way, so why take a picture of it? So I hope in this case to avoid that problem.

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