Wednesday, April 23, 2008

309 Report

On Monday I started by removing the old stained glass from one of the clerestory windows where it needed to be replaced. I wire-wheeled all of the metal flaps on the traps and painted them with brown primer.

Then I painted most of the rest of the window sill sections. Here's a view looking down at the window sill. Careful edging makes this job take a while.

There was also a piece of door frame molding that needed to be replaced. The original parts were burned in the fire, but the replacement piece from 1985 must have fallen out and been lost. After installation, the new piece was stained.

I ordered enough pieces of stained glass to replace all the old glass, and on Wednesday I installed the first three. I now need to wye the 309 to complete this job. And since the weather was nice, I pulled the cars outside for natural lighting. I then did a complete finish job on the smoker ceiling, including the panels under the hips. Whew, I hate ceilings, but it finally looks pretty nice (below). Now that it's done, I also reconnected the buzzer cord. And I spent some time cleaning up and organizing in the 321.

Note: Observe the glass dome. It's a replacement I bought for about $50 at Lowe's. There are three of these in the car; the one in the main compartment nearest the stove was destroyed, both the glass and the brass frame. So I moved the one from the smoker into the main compartment to replace it, so at least the two are consistent. For comparison, see here. In the smoker, the brass fixture is one which Julie Johnson generously donated. We checked into having the glass globes replicated, but couldn't find any way to do it. So this is not perfect, but better than nothing.

And by the way, thanks to Max for arranging new electric service. It no longer matters what day of the week power is being consumed, so I could pull the cars outside without worrying about "blowing the demand." That's a big help!

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