Monday, April 28, 2008

Getting Closer to Operation

The past couple of days have been cold and damp, so I didn't do any painting or varnishing. But the smoker of the 309 is essentially complete, so I put the seat backs in place. I also lubricated them, and in the process I found a better way to insert them into the frame, even at this late date. The only things that remain to be done are to install car cards and give the floor a final coat of brown paint. The final floor coat will be done last of all. I worked on filling and sealing the #2 end of the car, where the floor extends out beyond the end wall.

Since it was raining today, I went up on the roofs again. I noted a new (slow) leak over the 309 and set a bucket to catch the drips; when it's dry I'll caulk the hole in the roof. But mostly I worked on cleaning and sorting in the 321. This summer restoration will begin in earnest on this car, so I need to straighten it up as much as possible. I also found some wayward parts and tools I needed. And then I also picked up new paint for the 205.

Over the past couple of days we had several visitors: Les and Wally, Gerry Detloff and some friends of his, and I met Pauline and Chuck Trabert.

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