Monday, January 11, 2010

IRM Deaccession List

Our illustrious Executive Director Nick Kallas asked me to post a list of the equipment that has been deaccessed by IRM over the years. This is an incomplete list - corrections and additions are welcome - and is slightly pared down for legibility from the original database version, which also lists date built and a couple of other data points. A roster of equipment currently at IRM can be found here
Click here for additional photos of deaccessed equipment taken by Bill Wulfert. Enjoy!
Have photos of any of this equipment while it was at IRM that you'd be willing to have posted? Let us know - thanks!

ComEd 1 (cab-on-flat electric crane) Scrapped 1964 (20-ton crane; scrapped to pay for move to Union)
ComEd 2 (cab-on-flat electric crane) Scrapped 1964
(20-ton crane; scrapped to pay for move to Union)
C&WI 1917 (self-propelled diesel crane) (25 Ton)
Metra RC50247 (self-propelled Burro crane) Sold late-2010s (In St Paul, MN as of 2020)


UP 14A (turbine cab unit) Scrapped (Scrapped off-property)
UP 16A (turbine cab unit) Scrapped (Scrapped off-property)
UP 28A-B (two-unit turbine) Scrapped (Scrapped off-property)
UP 29A (turbine cab unit) Scrapped (Scrapped off-property)
Delray 66 (switcher) Scrapped 2006
MARC 91 (E-9A cab unit) Sold c2015 (Various components to UP 967B)
YS&T 607 (type VO660 switcher)
Hines 4062 (gas-mechanical) Scrapped

PRR 4668 (diesel motor car) Privately owned; sold 1979 (Sold to Clint Jones)
USAF 7563 (gas-mechanical) Sold 1982 (Sold to Catskill Mountain Railway)
CB&Q 9920 (E-9A cab unit) Transferred 1998 (Not owned by IRM; stored for approx. 1.5 years)
CTA #? (45-ton center cab) Scrapped 2010 (Scrapped off-property)

Electric Box Motors
CNS&M 202 (converted wooden combine) Scrapped 1974

CNS&M 236 (center door freight motor) Scrapped
CNS&M 237 (center door freight motor) Scrapped 1996
Indiana RR 738 (converted interurban) Scrapped 1981 (Scrapped off-property)

Electric Interurban Cars
THI&E 36 (wood combine) Scrapped 1996 (Off-property at Lake Shafer)
THI&E 53 (wood combine) Scrapped 2015 (ex-IC&W #102)
SEPTA 68 (center entrance suburban) Sold 1983 (Sold to Indiana Ry Mus)
CNS&M 250 (steel combine) Scrapped 1995
CA&E 318 (wood coach) Scrapped 1977 (Off-property at TWERHS, parts to 321)

Electric Locomotives
Singer 1 (wooden boxcab switcher) Privately owned, stored at IRM (Sold to IMOTAC)
ComEd 5 (artic truck steeplecab) Scrapped 1964 (Scrapped to pay for move to Union)

Electric Non-Revenue Equipment
CNS&M 3 (double truck snow sweeper) Scrapped 1964
CTA S-1 (rail grinder/converted 4000) Scrapped (Scrapped off property - Skokie)
CTA S-108 (unpowered weed sprayer) Scrapped 1999 (Originally CNS&M piggyback flat car #108)
CTA S-313 (cab-on-flat wheel car) Scrapped 1983 (Rebuilt by CTA in 1953 from pass. car #3145)
IT (four-wheel tower car) Sold
TMER&L D-15 (dump motor) Scrapped 2001 (Scrapped for parts for TMER&L #F-208)

Electric Rapid Transit Cars
CTA 53 (ex 5003) Scrapped 2013 (Stripped off property at Monticello and sent to scrap)
SEPTA 126 (Broad Street subway car) Scrapped 1987
CTA 1279 (wood "L" trailer) Scrapped 1991 (Scrapped off property - Howard)
CTA 1770 (wood "L" car) Scrapped 1973 photo 2
CTA 1775 (wood "L" car) Scrapped 1973 photo 2
CTA 1784 (wood "L" car) Scrapped 1973 photo 2
CTA 4083 (center door 4000) Scrapped 1980 (Scrapped off property - 63rd lower yard)
CTA 4215 (center door 4000) Scrapped 1974
CTA 4216 (center door 4000) Scrapped 1974
CTA 4253 (standard 4000) Scrapped 1985 (Tool car)
CTA 4279 (standard 4000) Scrapped 1979
CTA 4288 (standard 4000) Sold 1983 (Sold to FRTM)
CTA 4289 (standard 4000) Scrapped 1979
CTA 4341 (standard 4000) Traded 1980 (Traded to CTA for Met car - body to Kimball)
CTA 4342 (standard 4000) Scrapped 1980 (Scrapped off property - Des Plaines Ave)
CTA 4350 (standard 4000) Scrapped 1980 (Scrapped off property - Des Plaines Ave)
CTA 4355 (standard 4000) Scrapped 1980 (Scrapped off property - Des Plaines Ave)
CTA 4373 (standard 4000) Traded 1980 (Traded to CTA for Met car - body to Kimball)
CTA 6057 (half of 6000 married pair) Scrapped 1985 (Stripped off property - Skokie - & sent to scrap)
CTA S-350 (work motor) Scrapped 1979 (Former #4318)
CTA S-351 (work motor) Scrapped 1979 (Former #4302)
CTA S-366 (tool car) Scrapped 1979 (Former #4438)
CTA S-368 (work motor) Scrapped 1985 (Former #4386)
CTA S-370 (work motor) Scrapped 2007 (Former #4393, Crystal Lake McDonald's, scrapped off property)

Electric Streetcars
F&L 14 (double truck open car) Scrapped 1983 (Bought from Conn. Elec. Ry.)
WCF&N 381 (suburban) Sold 1958 (Sold to Midwest Electric Ry; never on property)
KCPS 767 (postwar PCC) Scrapped 1987 (Later SFMR #1183)
MBTA 3235 (prewar MU PCC) Scrapped 2002
MBTA 3269 (prewar MU PCC) Scrapped 2004
MBTA 3334 (double-end PCC) Removed 2015 (owned by McKinney Ave, stored at IRM 2010-2015)
GCRTA 4651 (postwar MU PCC) Scrapped 1983 (Former CTS 4226, TTC 4651)

Freight Cars
CNS&M 1004 (interurban caboose) Sold 1987  
(Sold to Skip Lichter in Rockford)
CNS&M 3004 (wood box car) Scrapped 1964 
URTX 5315 (wood refrigerator car)
UTLX 8715 (tank car) Traded (Traded to Chicago & North Western)
UTLX 9255 (tank car) Buried 1968 (Buried behind Main Depot)
UTLX 9315 (tank car) Buried 1968 (Buried behind Main Depot)
URTX 26507 (wood refrigerator car) Scrapped 2018
URTX 37226 (steel refrigerator car) Burned (Scrapped 2005 due to arson damage)
GTW 54204 (flat car) Scrapped 1983

URTX 72919 (refrigerator car) Scrapped 1994 (Bought from TWERHS)
CB&Q 76731 (wood gondola)
GATX 80709 (tank car) Buried 1984 (Buried near steam yard)
GATX 85402 (tank car) Buried 1984 (Buried near steam yard)
TTX 156067 (flat car) Deck (frame/deck used as platform for the gift shop c1982-2018)
CNWX 261497 (flat car) Sold 2015 (Sold to Stone Mountain Scenic)
BN 968362 (flat car) Scrapped 2010
B&O C-2231 (wood caboose) Privately owned; sold (Now at YMCA camp in Boone, IA)
CTA S-212 (flat car) Scrapped 1999, frame/deck retained until scrapped 2010
CTA S-300 (flat car) Scrapped 1998
CTA S-329 (flat car) Bridge (Body made into Boot Creek footbridge c2000, scrapped 2019)

Passenger Cars
CB&Q 90 (wood office car) Scrapped 1994

MILW 122 (lightweight diner) Privately owned; sold (Now at Charles City Ry, Charles City, IA)
C&NW 404 (steel sheathed business car) Scrapped 1997
C&NW 1131 (wood baggage-RPO) Scrapped 1998
N&W 1801 (heavyweight coach) Scrapped
N&W 1803 (heavyweight coach) Sold
(Sold to Alan Lind, now at Coopersville & Marne)
N&W 1804 (heavyweight coach) Scrapped
N&W 1808 (heavyweight coach) Traded 1992
(Traded to Kansas City RR Mus for UP 6930)
N&W 1818 (heavyweight coach) Traded 1992 (Traded to Kansas City RR Mus for UP 6930)
AT&SF 2302 (wood combine) Traded (Traded to Ft. Wayne museum for keg of spikes)
CRI&P 2521 (lightweight commuter coach) Scrapped 1983
CRI&P 2528 (lightweight commuter coach) Sold 1985 (Sold to Whitewater Valley RR)
CRI&P 2595 (lightweight commuter coach) Sold 1985 (Sold to Whitewater Valley RR)
CGW 4062 (combine) Sold 1994 (Ex-286, sold to Pere Marquette 1225 group)
PRR 4618 (streamlined diner) Sold 1982 (Sold to Maryland Midland Ry)
CB&Q 6144 (heavyweight coach) Sold c1980  (Sold to Glen Monhart)
CB&Q 6148 (heavyweight coach) Sold c1980  (Sold to Charles Wiesner)
CB&Q 6167 (heavyweight coach) Sold c1980  (Sold to Clint Jones) 
C&NW 300969 (MOW baggage car) Sold 1983 (Ex-8654, sold to Henry Latt, later resold)
MILW Camp Grant (heavyweight solarium) Scrapped 2009

Steam Locomotives
BP&R 1 (0-4-4T narrow gauge) Sold (3' gauge; now at Orange Empire Railway Museum)
Cora-Texas 1 (0-4-4T narrow gauge) Sold (3' gauge; now at Forney Museum, Denver CO)
Saginaw 2 (2-8-2 branch line Mikado) Sold 1982 (Sold to Skip Lichter)
US Steel 2 (0-4-0T narrow gauge) Sold c1980s (Sold to Matt Grebe, now in Georgetown CA)
NWS&W 05 (0-8-0 switcher) (Currently stored in Galt)
NWS&W 06 (0-8-0 switcher) Traded 1988 (Traded to scrapyard for CB&Q #4963)
FdeSyT 6 (2-6-0 narrow gauge) Sold 1986 (Now at End O' Line Museum, Currie, MN)
NWS&W 10 (0-8-0 switcher) Scrapped 1982
Lee Tidewater Cypress 18 (2-6-0 Mogul) Sold 2017 (Sold to the Gramlings in Indiana)
NWS&W 25 (0-8-0 switcher) Scrapped 1982
NWS&W 27 (0-8-0 switcher) Sold 1983 (Sold to Bandana Square)
NWS&W 28 (0-8-0 switcher) Traded 1988 (Traded to scrapyard for CB&Q #4963)
NWS&W 30 (0-8-0 switcher) Sold 2000 (To Buchanan Cty. Visit. Ctr.)
LS&I 34 (2-8-0 Consolidation) Sold 1992 (Sold to Western Maryland Scenic)
NWS&W 72 (0-8-0 switcher) Traded 1988 (Traded to scrapyard for CB&Q #4963)
NWS&W 74 (0-8-0 switcher) Sold 2006 (To private owner in Nebraska)
NWS&W 75 (0-8-0 switcher) Traded 1988 (Traded to scrapyard for CB&Q #4963)
NWS&W 79 (0-8-0 switcher) Traded 1988 (Traded to scrapyard for CB&Q #4963)
Ga Nthn 102 (4-6-0 Ten Wheeler) Sold 1994 (Sold to End O' Line, Currie, MN)
B&LE 154 (2-8-0 Consolidation) Traded 1989 (Traded to Ford Museum for T-D #16)
Milwaukee Road #? (tender only) Scrapped 1975 (Scrapped off-site, parts to MILW 265)

CNS&M 10 (31S gasoline bus) Scrapped 2013
M&ST 896 (34SW gasoline bus) Scrapped c1983
M&ST 917 (34SW gasoline bus)
MVTA 960 (E800 trolley bus) Scrapped 2003

CTA 972 (motor bus) (this listing questionable)
M&ST 1075 (41SW gasoline bus)
M&ST 1076 (41SW gasoline bus) Scrapped 1998
M&ST 1199 (TD4007 diesel bus) Sold 1982 (Ex-Indianapolis 436, sold at auction)
M&ST 1216 (TDH4511 diesel bus)
MCT 1925 (TDH5303 diesel bus) Scrapped


O. said...

You can add the 1200 wood car that was on the wash track at Howard St. This was a never motorized trailer and the parts that I and Laddie and
Geo. Kanary stripped are now being used in the restoration of 1268. I think the date was around 1992-3.

Does your list include the 4000 that was at McDonalds in Crystal Lake? I think there were another couple cars that were supposed to go to ITM and never went, and were stripped on some siding in Chicagoland. Don't quote me on that one tho.

The Hines VA Plymouth is another missing entity.

Unknown said...

Looks like enough equipment to start a railroad museum ;-).


Randall Hicks said...

Yes, it's more than 100 items, which is much more than most museums have ever owned. And it's probably still not complete.

My favorite is the passenger car which was traded for a keg of spikes.

Adam Robillard said...

Amazing list! This answers a bunch of long time questions. Thanks,

Scott Greig said...

The 1200-series "L" trailer used for the wash rack control shed was the 1279.

There were four cars in the group that included the McDonalds car: 4256, 4322, S-357 (ex-4429) and S-370 (ex-4393). Two were owned by Ron Jedlicka and the other two by IMOTAC; they were moved over the railroads in 1979 and were refused by the delivering carrier less than a mile from their destination. After a vain attempt to get CTA to take them back (including moving them to Skokie Shops' interchange track), they were abandoned in Weber Yard until it was ripped up in 1985. All four were completely trashed out; the three cars that remained at Weber were scrapped on site.

Al Reinschmidt said...

I'm puzzled at the 900 serice CTA motor Bus since CTA has never owned or inherited any buses in the 900 series!

Anonymous said...

I agree that it is an impressive list. I have a couple of questions. How do you bury a tank car? Do you also have a list of stuff that IRM plans to dispose of?

Art Schwartz

Randall Hicks said...

The tanks, minus the frames, were just buried in the ground for use as septic tanks. Nothing too special.

As for any current dispositions, it's generally up to the various departments. But you can always ask Nick, he should know.

J. David Conrad said...

This is your list and you set the criteria so the following may not fit: two steam locomotives owned by the late Herbert N.W.Hansen, acquired during his Presidency of IRM and promised a future gifts.
Willis Short Line No. 200, a Baldwin 4-6-0, scrapped at Enon, LA c. 1970
Canadian Pacific No. 1057, an MLW 4-6-0 sold in 1971 to Ontario Rail Association

Anonymous said...

I think C&NW 300969 was former baggage car 8654 rather than a freight car.

Philip McMeins ( said...

Mr Hicks, on your list, you have that WCF&N car 381 belonged to IRM but was "never on property" and sold to Midwest Electric Railway. I have done a great deal of research on the cars that came from Knoxville, this being one of them. The car ran on the WCF&N until it closed passenger service, then sat in a Waterloo Park until the City of Waterloo donated it to Old Threshers in 1965. I have the original letterhead from the City of Waterloo stating that donation to Midwest Old Threshers. In my research I have found NO traces of where this car ever belonged or had consideration of being sent to IRM. Where are you getting this information from?

Frank Hicks said...

WCF&N 381 was apparently owned by IERM for a very short period in 1958. Anecdotal history from Bob Bruneau suggests that the car was donated to IERM but that soon thereafter (and before any action was taken by IERM) was reclaimed by the WCF&N and donated instead to the city of Waterloo. Excerpt from the March 30, 1958 IERM board meeting minutes: "WCF&N 381 was accepted as a gift." From the April 26, 1958 meeting: "Regarding WCF&N 381 - Howard [Odinius, founder of IRM] questioned taking a car in such bad condition with no spare parts. Discussion was tabled until the unit is available by abandonment to us." I guess Howard must have had pretty high standards, as the 381 was complete and basically operational as far as I know. The apparent antipathy on the part of IERM towards the 381 may be one reason that no challenge of this "reclaiming" by the WCF&N of the car was initiated.

Randall Hicks said...

But one of these years I'm going to ask David Wilkins to file a suit of replevin to get it back. :)

David Wilkins said...

Actually what Howard may have been speaking of was the motor condition of the 381. The CERA Bulletin "Iowa Trolleys" had a chapter on the WCF&N, and mentioned that the 381 lost one or two motors towards the end of service, and as such, was running very slowly. It may have even blown one of the two remaining motors at the very end of service. I'll have to dig out the book and check it out.

Randy, I doubt we'd be able to file a suit for replevin. I for one believe in a Satute of Limitations.

Scott Greig said...

Did we definitely own the Singer locomotive? My impression was that it was owned by IERM member Bob Selle when it was stored with our collection at the hardware foundry yard, then was abruptly removed by Mr. Selle and sold (donated?) to IMOTAC when he moved away shortly before the move to Union.

Scott Greig said...

Do you know anything about a former Mason City & Clear Lake interurban box motor that we scrapped for parts sometime in the 1960s?

Paul Fortini said...

Somewhere back in the recesses of my photo collection, I have a photo of YS&T 607 (type VO660 switcher)as it was leaving the property. I believe it was circa 1982-1983.

It was being pulled by a dirty, beat up, chop nose CNW Geep.

Will Meyers said...

I recently purchased a large heavy trunk with markings on the top of "B.P.&R. RY. CO." A google search lead me to this site and a link to a narrow guage steam locomotive on your list. Can anyone tell me more about the rail line and what the BP&R stand for?
Thanks, Will

Randall Hicks said...

Frank says: Wow, I really had to hunt this one down. At one time the museum had BP&R #1, a 3' gauge 0-4-4T. The railroad in question was the Belle Point & Reserve; it was apparently a plantation railroad. I also figured out where BP&R #1 is now (Oxnard, CA) and discovered that it was once at Cedar Point, OH ( A bit of searching revealed a couple more websites with info: and The second one has a nice line drawing of BP&R #1, but I don't think this is actually the engine that was at IRM nor ex-BP&R #1. According to, the locomotive Disney rebuilt as the "Fred Gurley" was actually Lafoureche Raceland & Lockport #1 (apparently a different plantation in the same area) and not BP&R #1.

MIchael Pompili said...

Could CTA bus "972" be the Brill "Red Rocket" 9762? I can't find any reference of it going to IRM, but since 9763 is there it's a possibility.

Chris said...

I found a photograph of a CTA line truck, 604, on IRM property. Is it still around?

Does IRM have an official list or inventory of all this non rolling stock, non bus, major artifacts and assets? That would include things like the line truck and all the signs, if they are considered permanent collections.

Randall Hicks said...

Chris: I'm pretty sure the line truck was scrapped many years ago. And it's hard enough to keep a roster of railroad rolling stock up to date. Trying to keep a list of all the other artifacts on the property would be a huge task with too little benefit.

But we can tell you stories about it. Randy Anderson and Bob Rayunec drove the 604 out to Union under its own power. But it only had a top speed of 25 or 30 mph, so the trip took a long time and they were holding up traffic on Route 20. As they neared Elgin, it was getting to be rush hour, so they stopped at a bar and grill and had a leisurely supper. As a result, the CTA got several calls asking why their employees were so far from the city and spending time in taverns instead of working.

Anonymous said...

I do remember a red CTA line truck that was on our property into the 1990s. I think it was sold to a vehicle collector.

Chris said...

First of all, I hope stories like that can be passed down and remembered.

I guess it makes sense with the resource limitations- basically all volunteers and very limited time, just maintaining the assets is an exhaustive undertaking. Comprehensive collections management would probably require a paid staff or consultants. The major museums all had an initial onslaught of funds from names like "Field", which after some thought I think is the only reason they could handle the museumy stuff from the start. But if feasible, collection inventory has benefits for organization, research, public availability (like the museum roster), formalizing practices, and protecting the collection. I feel that IRM has been maturing fast lately, so I hope it and many other railroad museums can head in that kind of institutional direction in the long term.

Joe S. said...

In this case, one of the problems is defining what is 'part of the collection' and what is simply a tool to be used. The museum certainly considered rail vehicles part of the collection, and so our many line cars were used to construct the overhead wire but were also preserved.

Rubber tired vehicles were not really considered part of the collection until the bus collection became more established, and even still do not include our support vehicles (a large variety of trucks and forklifts). At one time, the museum owned many vehicles purchased from a variety of sources including the North Shore and CTA. At the time, they were just considered a cheap source of useful vehicles, to be completely worn out and junked.

Another good example are the woodworking machines in the wood shop. We have many large pieces of machinery which originally came from the TM and IT. While we are preserving them in a manner, we are maintaining them to be used. I think it is an interesting discussion for a museum to have: what is an artifact in the collection, vs a spare part or a tool used to maintain something.


Anonymous said...

Inquiring minds need to know - IRM purchased CTA line truck 604 on 8-26-1974 for $226.00 and sold it on 8-25-1993 to someone in Morrison, IL for $500.00. One of our better investments. Bill Wulfert

jimboylan2 said...

From Jim Boylan:

Philadelphia & West Chester Traction Co. - Philadelphia Suburban Transportation Co. 68 eventually wound up at Branford (Conn.) Electric Rwy. Ass'n. - Shore Line Trolley Museum, where it became spare body and other parts for sister car 75 and the remains, mostly the frame, were scrapped. Earlier, the trucks had gone to Buckingham Valley Trolley Ass'n. - Penns Landing Trolley for use under sister car 76 on Delaware Ave. in Philadelphia.

Richard said...

I still can't believe that the museum scrapped 5 UP turbines some complete some not. I just thought that was just a rumor that I heard a couple of years ago. I guess something had to pay for the 18 to be moved to union.

Randall Hicks said...

Others probably have more information, but I'm pretty sure that none of them were complete in any meaningful sense, and the one we got was the best of the lot. And thanks to Buzz's heroic efforts, it makes a stunning static display.

Richard said...

Very true the amount of work Buzz has done to keep the 18 clean and painted makes it a fantastic piece of the museum. A piece that I always show people when I am out at union with friends.

Anonymous said...

CTA 927 was a "mobile locker" - a prewar trolley bus, 1930 Brill, one of several CTA stripped out and used by ironworkers to store tools at a jobsite.

Andre Kristopans

Paul Fortini said...

I always wondered why the CTA articulated car was at Monticello. They never had any overhead wire. Were they planning to start an electric operation?

Unknown said...

The reason I was given when I visited the operation years ago was "It was available, so we took it."

Brian J. Patterson said...

The recent (09/2015) deaccession of CNWX 261497 is actually GOOD news all of the way around. Mark Secco (with BOD authorization) sold the car to a Heritage Railroad (who will USE the car) for a better-than-scrap price. The money raised is being used to fund the needed repairs to restore more of our cranes to full operation. Our cranes are not only historic artifacts, they are also used to perform work around the museum. When our cranes work, our work costs less, leaving more money to restore other cars. If you want to do YOUR part in giving a fall "pick-me-up" to your favorite railway museum, write "cranes" in the memo or for block of your check or money order payable to "Illinois Railway Museum" and mail to "Illinois Railway Museum/7000 Olson RD/Post Office Box 427/Union IL 60180." Thanks. Brian J. Patterson.

Anonymous said...

That sure is a lot of stuff! aside from scrapping a lot of CTA cars for spare parts; there was quite a mixture of rail and road equipment!

I am interested in narrrow gauge and I am glad to see that several small locomotives passed through the museum's hands on their wat to new homes. One o them is here in california; I'll have to hunt it up some time.

Ted Miles
IRM Member

Anonymous said...

Delray Connecting 66
Midwest Steel 66
donated to IRM in 1984 by Midwest steel.
IRM was tried to sell the unit in 2002.
Eventually scrapped by IRM.

TIm F said...

Since CTA S-329 is on the list, I think this car qualifies. The deck between the bookstores is a flatcar (minus the trucks) - stencils (inspected 4/16) reveal it to be former TTX 156067; built 10/68; class BSF-11.

Tim F

Randall Hicks said...

Thanks, Tim, that's an excellent catch. Does anybody remember what year the car was put in place?

Anonymous said...

I assume that the Diamond T truck that was used to move some much of the rails and equipment from the Chicago Hardware Foundry out to Union was scrapped long ago. But it would be nice to see a picture of it some time. I enjoy the administrative history of museums.

Ted Miles, IRM Member

Matthew Gustafson said...

Matthew Gustafson.
Hi I noticed IRM had both a CB&Q and C&NW Business car in their collection but they decided to scrap them, why did they do that. Ive look everywhere for any info on why these two good looking cars we not kept in preservation. Can you fill me in on the story?

Randall Hicks said...

Both of those were scrapped about 20 years ago, so I don't remember the details clearly. But they were both in very bad condition by the end, and may have been missing important parts from the beginning. Perhaps somebody from the Coach Dept. can fill in the story.

Generally speaking we would not scrap anything like this if there were any hope of eventual restoration, and/or offer it to other museums if we thought someone else might be able to save it. For these two cars, that wasn't the case.

Paul F said...

Why was MCT 1925 (TDH5303 diesel bus) scrapped? It looked like it was in decent shape.

Tim Fennell said...

I just was out at Bus Day and saw C&NW #X261497 out on the streetcar extension (the track passed 15). I’m wondering if Stone Mountain is simply taking their time moving it or if this is an error. The flatcar that was acquired with the Ohio Crane (M&StL #23863) has disappeared. Could this be the one that was sold to them? It did have roller bearings unlike X261497 which looks to still be equipped with friction bearings.

Tim Fennell said...

Metra RC50247 Burro crane was moved to St Paul, MN. Not sure when this happened but I came across a photo of it from late January 2020 when browsing Metra MW photos on RR picture archives.

Mark Secco said...

You are correct, the M & S T L flatcar went to Stone Mountain to be made into an open-air passenger car. The $4,000 we got went for purchasing brand new wire rope for the Ohio crane. Wire rope is expensive but now the Ohio crane is up to proper safety standards and has since been used in numerous lifting operations including the unloading of the Baldwin diesel locomotive and 130 ft long turntable at IRM saving us far more money than the $4,000 for the cable.

bob miller said...

A post on - indicates that B&M diner 3288 was traded to Pan Am by IRM?

Videos I think show this as a heavyweight car rather than the "bio" IRM has for wooden B&M 3288. Two 3288's? or did IRM sell/trade the 3288 If not 3288, what did IRM trade?

Randall Hicks said...

Well, I'm no expert, but there must obviously be at least two 3288's. The 3288 in the post you referenced, a modern steel car, doesn't look at all familiar, whereas our 3288 (ex 1094) is an old wooden car, the one that Jack Biesterfeld restored and is now on display in Barn 3. Beyond that we need one of the Coach Dept. experts to chime in.

Unknown said...

Would it be worth while to add the two ex-M&StL boxcars that are part of the barn on the Christ farm property to this list, or should we wait and see what is done with them first?

-Matt Maloy