Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Last Season

I was able to stop out at the museum today to look over the new acquisitions and have added some interior pictures to the cars' photo galleries on the museum website. In the 460 I also found this mounted in between original 1950's advertisements on the car card rack:It's the operating and fare schedule from the last season at Trolleyville, U.S.A. in Olmsted Falls, Ohio, a subtle reminder of the place these cars called home for over four decades. The next year the operation would be shut down and the 460 moved to dead storage in Cleveland along with the other cars.


Anonymous said...

What photo galleries on the IRM website? Nothing in your personal gallery has been updated since late '09, and the new CA&E cars aren't on the roster yet.

Frank Hicks said...

A while back the department photo galleries on were separated off from the members' photo pages. If you go to the main album at, the Electric Car Department link will take you to photo galleries of most of our electric collection, including the new Trolleyville cars.