Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Julie Ann Johnson Historical Collection

This scrapbook is a small part of the Julie Ann Johnson Historical Collection; this book is entirely devoted to CA&E wood passenger cars. We have received permission to post scans of these photos, most of which have never been published.

Most of these are 3x5 B&W snapshots, and roster-type photos of the cars, mostly at Wheaton or Laramie. I scanned these in at 600dpi, and have shrunk them by 1/2.

These photos are copyrighted by the Julie Ann Johnson Historical Collection.
Do not reproduce without permission!

Cars 10-28 1902 Niles
Cars 30-109 1902 Stephenson
Cars 129-143 North Shore
Cars 201-209 1905 Niles
Cars 300-308 1906 Niles
Cars 309-310 1907 Hicks
Cars 311-315 1909 Kuhlman
Cars 316-321 1913-14 Jewett

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Anonymous said...

These pictures are wonderful. Many thanks for scanning and posting.