Friday, June 25, 2010

319 Preparation

There are still several things that need to be done to prepare the 319 for service, apart from inspection. First, I went to our storage container and did some sorting, and picked out four good seat cushions which were then installed in the smoker. Notice that part of the wall is in white primer.

There is no AC or DC power in Barn 8, so I swept out the car as best I could in the ambient light. I also removed all of my tools, paint, and other supplies and put them in storage.

Next I painted some more windows -- two with a first finish coat on the inside, and two with white primer.

I then went back to the car and painted the sections of the wall in the smoker that were still in primer. Several random surfaces were chosen for test stripping while the car was at Trolleyville, and these needed to be repainted. Painting by flashlight is not ideal, but here's the result. It's an improvement, at least.

Finally, I spent some time putting together a control pipe hose using available parts, as seen here. These control pipe hoses use a non-standard size glad hand. The car now has two hoses at each end, although I still need a small dummy coupling at this end.

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