Sunday, June 27, 2010

First Run of Car 1268

I almost forgot! Yesterday was the first revenue service for car 1268. Chris Buck sent along some pictures he took. Since the 1268 is a trailer, it's operating with two 4000's. Tim Peters appears to be very proud of his accomplishment! And thanks, Chris.


Scott Greig said...


The pic of 1268 at 50th Ave. is fitting...there's some minor evidence to indicate that a few Northwestern Elevated cars saw service on the Met in the late 1920s to about 1930.

David Wilkins said...

Tim certainly has a lot to be proud of! What a beautiful car!

Of course, according to a book I read once, nobody should like this car because "These cars were old, slow, and uncomfortable."

Randall Hicks said...

Yes, I read that book too. I'll have to ask the author. Maybe that statement won't appear in the second edition.

Scott Greig said...

Back then life was old, slow and uncomfortable!