Friday, April 15, 2011

The Ed Allen Movie Collection

This is a set of color movie clips taken by Ed Allen in the fifties and sixties. He worked for the CA&E until the company folded in 1962, so that's the main focus, but there are many other railroads represented. Click on the link for each segment to view it. Our thanks to Ed for making these unique videos available to you, the public!

These videos are copyrighted by Mr. Allen and may not be reproduced or sold without his express written consent.

CA&E In Action
The CA&E in action between 1953 and 1957, over all parts of the system.
Also (briefly) some Met cars on the Garfield Park elevated and a few other railroads.

CA&E In Action - Part 2
Travel along the AE&FR through South Elgin in the early sixties (where FRTM is now located).
Also some CA&E in service; EJ&E center cab Diesel.
Assembling the preserved CA&E cars for RELIC and IRM in 1962.

CB&Q fantrip with 4960 at Aurora. Chief Illini on the rear end.
The last steel car fantrip on the CA&E.
CNS&M action at North Chicago Jct.
CTA construction at Forest Park, and a ride on the Garfield branch.

Trip to Canada - C&NW Wreck
Ed visits Port Colbourne, the London and Port Stanley, and Niagara Junction.
A wreck on the C&NW at Wheaton in 1956(?); big hooks in action just west of the city.

And before anybody asks, I've noticed that the aspect ratio doesn't seem quite right: the horizontal is expanded, making everything seem too wide. Do not attempt to adjust your set....


Scott Greig said...

That footage inbound along the Garfield Park line is the only movie of a Garfield ride I can recall ever seeing. Amazing to see how that area looked then, compared to now.

T. Mealer said...

Kudos and thanx for posting these wonderful videos. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed seeing these CAE movements. Interesting to see things like people walking over the tracks before the gates came up, rail fans laying down on on the track next to the 3rd rail while a train is coming and the 'tragic' open burning of the scrapped CAE cars. All these things would get ya in a ton of trouble nowadays, eh?
Are there more scenes on the DVD's? Is it possible to view the DVD's with a visit to IRM?
Thanx again for posting these!
T. Mealer - Flowerfield, IL

Bruce Duensing said...

The pacing scenes of the CAE cars zipping through open fields of prairie grass and farm fields on third rail is iconic and priceless.
Thanks to Ed and yourself for allowing some time travel to view what was lost. The shot of brake shoe dust flying while ripping up to the platform for a reluctant stop is simply wonderful..the way it was. It got me to missing the days when you could actually open a window on a train. I remember trips on the CNSM when the conductor would open the end doors and the breeze down the aisle was full of the smells of Fall..great memories.