Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just About Ready

Ed Oslowski has been working like mad to get the 277 ready for service, and here are the results of his efforts. The ceiling of the front compartment (R) looks much better. The compartment itself is in the middle of the restoration process, but we'll leave it that way to show what progress is being made.

Meanwhile, the main compartment has been cleaned up, and I attached all of the new antimacassars, which were made by my daughter Esther. It looks great, I think, just like it was in service. They have not been lettered yet, but I'm working on it.

Ed already has a reserved seat. Do you?

When not helping on the 277, I made some wooden frames to hold the new "Kevin signs" for the 36 and 319.

And I worked more on stripping paint in the 319's vestibule, and then painted most of the piping and other control parts.

And I also painted the flag box and tray, which Frank had stripped a couple of weeks ago. And cleaned and straightened, etc.

Here Henry is working on the new door to the attic over the wood shop, where long pieces of lumber and other spare items can be stored. And there were several other members at work today: Tim, Max, Fred Ash, Frank and Mike.

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