Saturday, June 4, 2011

I Remember Perris

I remember Perris, California, and man was it hot!!! What an awful climate! It was almost that bad today in Union. Maybe I'm just getting old, but it was too hot and humid to do much heavy lifting.

So I rode the wood cars a couple of times. They were in good hands, of course: Steve Jirsa was the motorman, and Tom Disch and Henry Vincent were the conductors.

I adjusted the rope on one of the retrievers, but everything else seemed to be working fine.

Here a number of eager visitors are lined up to visit the cab of a locomotive. I had a chance to talk to several riders and promote Thomas, for instance. Everyone seemed to be in good spirits.

Then I spent some more time working on a controller on the 308. Here's a partially disassembled C-21. Slow progress is being made, but what a frustrating design. I've been sorely tempted to change this back to C-6's. Maybe on Monday it won't be quite so unpleasant in the barn.

It's much nicer to work in the air-conditioned shop. Jon Fenlaciki continues to refurbish windows for the 451, and I helped him briefly. Here he is installing the rubber molding in the bottom of the brass frame.

Outside under the broiling sun, stronger men than myself are continuing the installation of new drainage and electrical utilities.

The 409 is over the pit being inspected; it should be ready for revenue service soon with the 431. And there's a line of five, count 'em, five waycars being inspected for service too.

Joel Ahrendt was planning to install new poles on the 319 after service ended, so that will be a big improvement. Thanks, Joel!


Joel Ahrendt said...

Good thing you can't see a face on that guy leaning over looking at the journal on the RI transfer caboose. But, wanted to let all the readers know that the poles are on the car. We'll see tomorrow if they track as good as they are supposed to. It made it all the way to the 83-84 frog fine.

Scott Greig said...

What work do the C-21s need?

David Wilkins said...

Somewhat ironically, the newspaper headline behind Jon Fenlaciki says "Fake Seal Destroys Real Barriers" just as he is installing rubber stripping to help seal the car when the window is closed....