Thursday, June 30, 2011

Paving the Way for Progress

This post will cover two days - at no extra charge! Can't beat that!


Wednesday was rather monotonous: I spent nearly the whole day painting the floor of the 319 with a first coat of finish brown. First I had to remove all the seat cushions and vacuum the floor. It looks great, although this backlit photograph doesn't do much for it. You need to see it in person.

This shows much better what the floor looks like with wet paint. The device in the corner is the motor cutout switch, which I hope I never have to use.

Some switching was done to prepare for the World's Greatest Trolley Pageant on Monday, July 4th. Here we see the 1268 trained with three 4000's. There will be several multi-car trains operating, of course.

I'm afraid the 1754 will not be in the pageant, but it was being switched out anyway.

Painting the floor took its toll on my aging knees and back. So after supper it was time for a relaxing stroll to view the scenery.

The rocky rapids.


Tim Peters and I spent most of the morning turning out tack molding for the 1797 and 319. This job goes much faster when you have two people. There's jointing, planing, ripping, rabbeting, and routing to be done. Tim needs his molding soon; I'm hoping to be able to replace the roof on the 319 this winter, so there's not so much of a hurry.

In the afternoon, I put the seats back in the 319, cleaned some windows, sorted parts, and drank lots of lemonade.

Meanwhile, there are some contractors replacing part of the roof on Barn 9. These guys started work at 6:00 this morning!

The big news, however, is that paving started on the big Depot St. project. Here are a few progress photos I took during the day.

The first load of asphalt is dumped, as Dave Diamond looks on.

This took weeks of site preparation, and the first layer, at least, was poured and rolled in a day.

This weekend promises to be full of interesting action and plenty of new accomplishments to see, so be sure to come on out to IRM if you possibly can!

All three of us should be out there Sunday and Monday, so look us up and say hello. We're always glad to meet our audience!

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Anonymous said...

Believe that should be CRT 1797, not 1757, which would be another Jewett car. Bill Wulfert