Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cafe 20

We haven't had any new restaurant reviews for a while, so last week Frank and I visited Cafe 20 on the east side of Marengo, about four miles from the Museum. It's changed hands a couple of times over the years and is currently an Italian-themed restaurant. Wednesday happened to be German night, though, and Tuesday is tacos, etc. so there's some variety.

I had the Jägerschnitzel and Frank had the pork tenderloin sandwich. The food was very good and service was fine.

Sandwiches start at about $8 and entrées at $11 or so, going up to about $25 for steaks. And there's a full bar. So this establishment is currently recommended by our team of culinary experts.


Anonymous said...

Nice review. Did they comp you to a free meal, as a noted culinary critic? Or did you go incognito?

Bob Kutella

Joel Ahrendt said...

Except that they are not open Sunday or Monday.

Randall Hicks said...

No, we never accept free meals. Just so you know we are 100% objective. And I forgot to mention that they're closed on Sunday on Monday, that can be important.