Friday, May 4, 2012

Russell Plow Arrives

Our CGW Russell Plow has arrived, and here are some pictures I took of it. Here's a link to our earlier post.

A little Kroil on the hinges, and the wing plows should be ready to use! (or maybe not....)

The interior arrangements are interesting. To the left, we see the large air tank for storing the compressed air to adjust the wing plows and other parts of the system, and some of the pneumatic cylinders.

The operator's cab is furnished with old passenger car seats, and an array of valves for control and a brake stand. You'll notice that the valves have very long handles, so they can be operated by men wearing Arctic explorer-style gloves.

You get a nice view out the windows, unless they're all frosted over, I suppose.

We may never actually use it, but it makes an impressive display!

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David Wilkins said...

Now, you can get plowed at IRM, even though alcohol is not allowed on the property.