Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Birthday, Frank!

Frank chose to spend his birthday running the 309 and 319, and here he is with his conductor, Joel Ahrendt. A good time was had by all! I'll let him post more about what went on, as I was only there for one trip.

Here the crew poses with an unidentified visitor who shoved his way into the picture.

But since it was also Memorial Day, of course, my wife and I went to the parade in Naperville in the morning.

And in the spirit of Decoration Day, we spent most of the day driving around to the various cemeteries to decorate the graves of my parents and grandparents.

In any case, now that Frank is no longer a young man, we'll keep his age a secret!

Frank adds...

A good time was indeed had by all.  The cars ran very well and many thanks to the Car Department workers who took care of the air leaks on the 319!  The crowd seemed decent and the weather was nice; despite 95 degree temperatures, a steady wind kept things quite pleasant.  I had a great time working with Joel and having my wife Bevin, who gamely joined us for the day, along for the ride.


Joel Ahrendt said...

It was as wonderful day with the Wind keeping the heat down, I think everyone enjoyed the two cars. I'm glad Frank had a good Birthday.

Joel Ahrendt said...

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that poor Bevin had to listen to my car talks all day. She deserves a medal of honor.