Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Glory That Was Grease

As mentioned yesterday, inspection of the 309 was largely completed yesterday. We have a short list of things still to do, but they are minor issues, and a couple were taken care of today. At the end of the day, we put the 309 back in Barn 8 and put the 319 over the pit.

After supper, I went for a walk around the property. The Schroeder Store now has all of its big front windows installed. Now you just have to imagine that platform out of the way and Main Street running through the foreground.

And here in the lengthening shadows is the newly paved turnaround for the trolley buses. Once the poles are installed and the wire is hung, they won't have to back up to wye near the entrance anymore.

Early this morning I started inspection on the 319. Here is the required photo, in case you were doubting. Things went pretty well. Al Reinschmidt helped with several items, including the lubrication. No serious issues were found, and after some more work on the brake piping at the #1 end control system, the air leak has been reduced to a manageable level, I believe.

Al also inspected and lubricated the controllers on the 309, and helped me change out a brake hose valve for one that doesn't leak.

Most inspection work is not very glamorous. The glory of grease faded long ago if you ask me. But let's look at the contactor box while we're under here. There are 13 DB-260's in one large box; it has two covers that swing out.

When the car is over the pit, I can use a piece of wood to hold both covers open; this is the ideal vantage point for checking the interlock operation, contactor movement, and the shunts. Tim took a few minutes from his work on the 1797 to twist the controller for me.

And here's the reverser, seen from the bottom with the covers open. The 319 should be ready for revenue service, so for the first few weeks we plan to run the 319 and 309. Show up during Memorial Day weekend and see and ride the Leviathan too! What more could you want?

And by the way, we need a complete three-man crew for Sunday, May 27, and another trainman for Monday, May 28. Sign up now if you can, you'll be glad you did!

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Anonymous said...

Now that the outside of the Schroeder Store look pretty much complete, what about the installation of electricity, plumbing, heating, etc?

What is the building going to be used for? Not much has been mention about its future.