Monday, March 11, 2013

757 Progress

 We received some pictures from the North Shore 757 crew, who have been working on the smoker as mentioned earlier.  They were able to make good use of the old veneer clamp I had made for use on the 309 many years ago, and which we are willing to rent out at very reasonable rates.  Joe Stupar writes:

Here are some photos from over the weekend on 757 using the Hicks Car works clamp. We had to add some 2X4s because it was not quite long enough to span the car. We also used the 2X4 to span 3 of the splits in the veneer. One of the later photos shows the clamp moved over to the last remaining one, and the ones that we had repaired sanded smooth.


David Wilkins said...

Hicks Car Works Veneer Clamp-Patent Pending!

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed (and a bit surprised) that there were veneered panels left below the window rails on 757. On 749 I recall that the same wainscoting panels were just plain sheet evidence at all of veneer.