Saturday, March 9, 2013

Spring Ahead

 The calendar says that winter is almost over, but outside there's plenty of nice heavy snow covering the landscape.  Mike Stauber took the opportunity to build a snowman near the office.  Is that an uncanny resemblance to Frank Sirinek or what?

When the Museum opens for visitors in April, I'll have to move the scaffold off the sidewalk in Barn 8, so I decided I'd better finish what I can on the north side of the 36.  I finished stripping and sanding as much as I could of the green paint, so it will be ready for painting when the weather improves.  

And then I did some more stripping and painting in the #2 end of the 319.  The new red paint can be almost blinding.

In other news, Joe, Gwyn, and Greg were working on the 757 some more; it's now just down the aisle on track 83.  They borrowed the old Hicksco veneer clamp to fix some veneer, so watch for pictures of 757 progress.  And we were visited by a new member who had been helping Roger Kramer all day with Miss Henrietta, so that's good news.  We can always use more help!

While stripping green paint off the outer window sills on the 36, I was once again impressed by how solid they are.  On the 308, 309, and 321 there were all sorts of cracks and checks due to the many years spent outside.  The Brookins cars, however, were put inside a barn almost immediately after acquisition.  As time goes on, anything stored outside gets farther and farther away from being fully restored.  That's why we need to act as soon as possible!   Ummm -- am I, by any chance, repeating myself????

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