Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lights, Camera, Action!

 I believe it's not too much of a state secret that another movie is being filmed at IRM, and this one will star the Zephyr, as usual, plus a bilevel or two.  So the advance crew was busy today.  They bring in the various materials they'll need by truck, along with various other vehicles and what not.

They set up a large heated tent over near the Schroeder Store.

And down by the depot, the carpenters are getting ready to build some scaffolding for filming.  When more details become available on what this movie will be called and so forth, you'll read it here first!  I hope.

Henry Vincent and his grandson have been making great progress on the car 36 parts in the shop.  Here we see where he has sanded down to the yellow on blue lettering, which is what we'll want to reproduce on the train door.

And then they have also stripped and primed the metal parts for the side door, which I want to have reassembled by the time the Museum opens for visitors.  Thanks, guys!!!

Jon Fenlaciki was out today; he's seen here working on the electric heaters for the 65.

 Finally, I spent the day painting the 36, since the weather was just about right.  I finished applying a first coat of the light grey on the north side of the car, and then red on the remaining parts of the #1 end.  The lower blue I can do anytime without a scaffold; the only paint remaining will be the red stripes above and below the windows.

But after taking this picture, I realized I also needed to paint the tack molding black.  That didn't take long, fortunately.

 And at the #2 end, we're essentially done.  The doors and windows on this side still need to be painted, but that will come later, probably over the summer.


Anonymous said...

At least three layers of lettering on the top of the door when I looked Wednesday. The yellow 36 you see in your pic, a similar 36 higher on the door and now partially covered by some weatherstripping, and then the mystery. To the left of the three you can see what looks like the # symbol although I have never seen a railroad resort to using that. Do you think that is a Columbia Park artifact? And in line with that # symbol inside the bottom loop of the 6, we see the letter N. Is anyone able to decode that?

Bob Kutella

Randall Hicks said...

Sure. It says "#2 END" directly under the number. That's unusual because the other cars seem to have the end number above the door. I will have to do some more sanding before we decide exactly how to letter it for the later blue paint scheme.

Randall Hicks said...

Actually, I've just answered my own question. We're planning to keep the weatherstripping in place, since it's all in good shape and was certainly painted blue originally, so the earlier number partly covered by weatherstripping cannot be right for this paint scheme. QED.

Anonymous said...

Quid Erat Demonstavibus? Based on your feedback if the weatherstripping remains only the number 36 will be lettered. Rather than three layers the lowest layer probably is two lines

# 2 END

I would still make a tracing for the car documentation file of both versions however. But then again I am not tasked with all the work.

Bob Kutella

Chris said...

It has been a couple of years since the Cleveland liquidation, and you guys have already basically refurbed five or so cars. Its ridiculous. I've been making note of a lot of the cosmetic processes which will make it easier when I can get around to working on cars where I'm at. Thanks for getting the info out, not a lot of museums do.