Thursday, March 28, 2013


May 11th marks the opening of a new gallery in the Exhibit Cars of Yard 5. Entitled "Brilliance", this gallery showcases 20 images of women who were employed in several different roles on the North Shore Line, from ticket collectors to telephone operators and clerks.

Here is a special sneak peak for Hicks Car Works readers (see caption and photo of Dorothy McLevis): Special thanks to Walter Keevil who identified all but one of the women. At this time, Gwyn Stupar is reaching out to former NSL employees to get a real-life testimonial to add to the exhibit. Both Gwyn and Joe Stupar would like to thank everyone at the museum who helped contribute to the well-being of the exhibit cars themselves for this to even be possible, especially members of the Coach Department Jon Habegger and the late Phil Stepek, as well as Max Tyms.
Dorothy M. McLevis models the new uniform for women collectors on the main line, designed after consultation with the eight women collectors then in service to incorporate their ideas. Brass buttons omitted. Used in Nov. 1944 NSLN. Keevil photo.

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