Thursday, November 7, 2013

319 Progress

These roof reports may be somewhat monotonous.  And it might even get worse before it gets better.  That's why I'm glad to have things like the Reims photo collection and reports from SF for variety.

A lot of woodwork got done today, based mostly on parts made last time and finished off at home.  The curved backing parts for the west end were installed and attached, and that allowed me to install the last of the upper (straight) tack molding lengths.  

But the lower canvas will be put on first, so the main priority is to start attaching the end tack moldings.  The blanks were cut out on the big bandsaw last Saturday, and at home I did the routing and slotting. 

Getting it bent to shape is not easy, but it's going along steadily.  This piece is nearly done, and I should be able to go faster on the next one.  Then I an hour or two painting the roof black.

Speaking of black: Ted had asked about having a third rail on display.  We have a collection of third rail parts, and I noticed that somebody had painted a couple of CA&E chairs black, out behind the woodshop.  Here's what they look like.

And another ongoing project we may not have mentioned is repair of the 50th Avenue station.  The B&G team have replaced all of the lower (horizontal) siding, patched up several other parts, and one of the guys was painting the trim today.  So that's a nice improvement.

Our next post will probably be coming to you from the Anniversary Banquet, reporting on what passes for high society at IRM. We can hardly wait!

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