Sunday, November 10, 2013

Anniversary Bash

The 60th Anniversary Gala was a big success, and everyone seemed to be having a good time.  Good food and drinks, good fellowship, good music, good speakers telling us what wonderful people we are -- what more could you want?  

Here are past President Barb Lanphier and retired WGN broadcaster Tom Peterson.  Mr. Peterson is a long-time IRM member and did an excellent job, of course, hosting the event.

President Joe Stupar gave a great speech outlining the status of the Museum, and he presented Malcolm McCarter, the only surviving one of the original ten, with an award of appreciation for his 60 years of service.  (Photo by G. Stupar)

Bob Opal provided the musical background and he's going as strong as ever.

Here our featured speaker Jim Wrinn and Nick are talking to Ray Cook (I think).  Mr. Wrinn spoke about the challenges facing the railroad preservation movement, the changes taking place, and what we can do to ensure continued success.

Lots of old friends were there.  Jeff Brady, Norm Krentel, and my wife Maggie.

Some of the people we were sitting with: Rich Witt, Fred Zimmerman, Mike McCreary, Mark Gellman, and Kevin Brown.  Not shown: Ray Bellock and his wife.  "Gretchen" says there were about 120 people in attendance.

Some of the silent auction items.

Other long-time friends.

Charlie King is member #1, and here he is showing some pictures to Ted and Andrea.  Barb presented a slide show showing IRM through the years, and Frank Sirinek received a standing ovation for his work.  And there was lots more happening.  We should do this more often.

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