Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Long-Lost Twin

I thought this article (found in RyPN Flimsies) was interesting.  The body of Michigan Electric car 29, a residence, doughnut shop, and shed for the last 80 or so years, has been rescued by the local historical society in Grass Lake, Mich.  This is from the same order as our car #28, which Norm Krentel rescued from a similar status about 40 years ago, and which is now undergoing thorough restoration at IRM.  The 29 was never really lost, of course: Norm has always been aware of its existence.  The society plans to do some restoration work with the help of local volunteers.  Good luck! 


Anonymous said...

I think for some time another ME car, the 26, was in Albion MI. It was heavily modified for use and I think some parts of that car were rescued and are at IRM now. Parts of the letterboard, interior partitions, etc.

Bob Kutella

Anonymous said...

Of course it showed up a couple weeks AFTER I was through Grass Lake, but before I got to Albion. Incidentally the station in Albion is for sale.

Frank D.