Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 In Review

IRM's 60th Anniversary year was a great success in many ways.  I can't begin to list all of the accomplishments for the Museum as a whole, but you can always comment with additional items.  The main things that occur to me are:
  • The Trolley Parade featured sixty operating electric cars, far beyond our previous record, or anybody else's. 
  • The 1630 passed its tests, and should be ready for revenue service again next year.  
  • I suppose you could include several major movie and TV shoots.
  • And our usual safe and efficient operations, which are easy to take for granted.
Of course, it took a large crew of dedicated volunteers to make all these things happen.  As for us personally,  that's easier to list:
  • We implemented a smart phone app for IRM visitors.
  • Electrical work on CA&E 36 was completed, so the car can operate under its own power (except for the compressor, which will be replaced.)  And so a four-car wood interurban train could be operated in revenue service for the first time.  The car's exterior was also painted, although this job is not quite done.
So what are we missing?


Jeron G. said...

MILW 37A as well as the Dynamometer car were operated in revenue service for the first time in many years. Every piece of equipment in Barn 9 and the turntable leads (which were completely emptied) were moved for the first time in years. UP M35 saw the light of day after many years in the diesel shop. Regular lunch service was offered for several days on the Nebraska Zephyr. Double-headed steam for the first time in more than a decade using LVCC 126 and CP 63.

Anonymous said...

I think the completion of major boiler repairs to the 1630 is a landmark of more than several years in the making. It will be good to see it back in steam operations in 2014.

Bulby said...


See my post on RyPN's "2013: A Year of Accomplishments"

May I add to it with things mentioned here that I missed?