Monday, January 27, 2014

High-Speed Rail

Speaking of the Twin Cities, if you follow this link and click on the video, you appear to get a high-speed trip along the new light rail line between St. Paul and Minneapolis.  It looks like the photographer was riding the front seat on an LRV and taking a time-lapse video.  That's nice.

But there's a catch: the line isn't in operation yet.  What he actually did is to walk the entire line with a camera and tripod, taking a still photo every 30 feet or so.  It took something like 11 hours.  What an incredible project!  I always find it somewhat reassuring to come across somebody who's crazier than I am.  Don't you?

Thanks to Dick Lukin for the pointer!


Al Reinschmidt said...

Now I understand the change in lighting etc. yes always good to find someone crazier!

Chris said...

It looks like he started to rush as it got darker!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Chris and all.

If you read the photographer's notes below the video, you will notice that he admits to doing just that. He had planned on starting his photo shoot just after dawn, but over-slept. He also admits to coming pretty close to throwing in the towel at one point, but an encounter with some university students got his spirits back up. In the end, a nice photo shoot. Now, if only they could get the market used to paying more than one-third of the actual cost for tickets, so they could restore their streetcar lines more quickly. Oh, well...


Brian J. Patterson.