Thursday, January 16, 2014

Window Report

It was certainly another nice day to work in the shop.  I had to spend some time removing and installing windows in the 36, and everything I had to work on was cold.   Who would have guessed?  But the window project continued at its usual pace.
Of course, it's difficult to find anything new to say about this process.  These are opposite sides of the same two window frames.  They were sanded down, and then got white primer on both surfaces.

And another one got a final coat of exterior grey, after some body work.  For those of you keeping score at home, 13 and 14 were installed in the car, 15 and 16 were sanded and primed both sides, and 17 and 18 were removed and brought back to the shop for sanding and repainting.  12 was finished after repair work, which is why it's behind schedule.  And the goal line has a large "28" painted on it.

Tim Peters was hard at work, as you would expect, basically the only other person I saw all day.   (I saw Jan Núñez at a distance, but not to talk to.  Office work never stops.)   Here is Tim making more window and door parts on the router table.

And one of the current woodshop projects is making replacement windows for IC Mogul #3719, one of our oldest steam locomotives (Brooks 1900). Rich Witt makes professional working drawings of the entire assembly.  That counts as fine art in my book!

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