Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Paint by Numbers

Conditions are almost back to normal, so it was more like a usual Wednesday in the shop.  I spent most of the time painting windows, and a few other parts.  All five now in the shop got a first or second coat of exterior grey.
And I finished bolting the second third-rail beam together, and painted the metal parts with primer.  Next time it will turn black.

By the end of the day the windows could be turned over, and three of them received the next coat of interior tan.  Two are ready for installation in the 36 next time, so two can then be removed and brought to the shop for stripping.  Also, two of the new first aid boxes made by Rich Witt got their final coat of paint, and were taken home for lettering.  Since all frames have a stamped number, they can be returned to the correct location with ease.  These three are 12, 13, and 14.

Meanwhile, several of the guys were busy making window frames for the Coach Dept.  Here we see a stack of rails and stiles, with a first test fit.

And among other things, Norm Krentel and Jeff Brady were working on the running boards for the 28.  These are about 36' long each, so cannot easily be replaced.  Defective sections are being repaired, and cracks filled as needed.

Jeff mixes the filler and applies to the end of one of the boards.

We were sorry to learn that Carol Schossow died recently.  She had been a member for a long time, but had been struggling with health issues for several years.  She will be missed.


Anonymous said...

Is the third rail hardware you are working on from your trip to Pennsylvania? Or are they hardware from some of the cars already at Union?

Glad to hear that the weather is improving!

Ted Miles
IRM Member

Randall Hicks said...

Ted: All of this third rail hardware came from Trolleyville. It was stored and never installed on any of the cars at Cleveland.

I was hoping somebody more knowledgeable than myself would reply to Logan's questions, but I believe we are still intending to get the miniature train running, perhaps in the area of the Bellock playground. As for the Wabash replica, we really don't have a good place to display it right now. And it would need some work.

Logan said...

It is great to hear that progress is still continuing even through this bad weather. while I know you are a part of the trolley dept you at least gave me some response which is better than I got in the past. thanks again

Joel Ahrendt said...

Hey, Randy, I need some Blue paint. I'm going to get some of the retrievers ready for spares. I have North Shore, and Red CA&E ones, I want to paint some up Blue for the wood cars.

Randall Hicks said...

For our Premium Deluxe customers, we can even provide next-day service at no extra charge. Unless my senility kicks in again. In any case, thanks, Joel! This is an example of the important and under-appeciated services some of our volunteers provide during the winter months.