Saturday, February 15, 2014

Busy Day

It was another busy Saturday at the Museum.  Larry Stone was helping me again, and first we went out to Barn 8 to install two repainted windows and remove two more.  But our main priority was repainting the side door.  Here Larry is removing the old red paint from the door frame. 

After it was sanded down, I put a first coat of primer on both sides.  In order to paint both sides on the same day, the frame is hung from a plank between two shelves in the Lean-3. 

After more sanding and paint stripping, I was able to paint the drop sash.  So that's going well.

Striping the metal plates, on the other hand, goes rather slowly.  A combination of heat and a the heavy-duty wire wheel works, but not as fast as we'd like.

Lots of other things were going on.

Tim continues to work on the roof-mounted destination boxes and other hardware for car 24.  On the right is a casting pattern he's making.

I should point out that Scott Greig has been doing the mechanical work on the spare retrievers, while Joel did the painting.  That's what the letters SBG indicate on the back. 

And Rich Schauer and Warren Lloyd were working on trolley bus retrievers; part of the mechanism is seen here.  And in keeping with the Museum's educational mission, they were glad to explain to Larry and me how the various parts work.

And the list goes on: Eric, Bill Wulfert, Buzz, Lorne, Rod, Joe and Gwen, Joel, Bill Peterson, Vic, and others were working on their various projects.  And that's just in the wood shop.  I know the other departments were active too.  So it was a very productive day.

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