Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Electroliner Fund

One of IRM's currently active projects is the complete restoration of our North Shore Electroliner.  Tom Sharratt writes:

1. We have some good news regarding the fundraising project to complete the restoration of our Electroliner in time for its 75th anniversary in January 2016:  We have raised approximately $100,000 of our goal of $500,000.  Put in more immediate terms, we have raised $100,000 of our critical first phase goal of $150,000 which is needed to start work on the eight traction motors.  We are TWO-THIRDS of the way to what is needed to allow us to “drop” the motors and send them to an outside contractor for inspection and repair!  If we are to reach our ultimate goal on time, we need to start this first phase THIS SUMMER!  We need to find new donors and increase our individual giving to make this happen.
2.  Many of you may follow the Electroliner Facebook page sponsored by IRM.  For the past few weeks, there have been a number of new photos posted every day or two thanks to the efforts of Gwyn Stupar.  You can keep track of these postings by visiting https://www.facebook.com/Electroliner
3.  I have, aside and apart from any official IRM “rewards” for giving to the Electroliner fund, started recognizing donors who give at least $801, chosen since it is the number of our Electroliner, as a “Friend of the Electroliner.”  One of my fan friends recommended such a program and suggested issuing a certificate to those who give at this level.  I have printed a nice certificate featuring a photo of a Liner in the snow (reminiscent of THIS winter!) on the Skokie Valley line.  I am mailing it to anyone who gives at that level, either as a one time donation or cumulatively.   IRM notifies me of anyone who donates $801 or more, but I do not have a reliable means of identifying who has contributed that much over a period of time.  If you qualify, please contact me directly with your name and address, and I will mail you a certificate after verifying your donations with the museum.  Respond to me via this site or directly to: tssharratt at gmail.
4.  It’s time to dig deep and help us reach our first critical goal.  Brian Solomon indicates that as a youngster he gave $15 to help save the Electroliner.  That’s about how I became involved with IRM way back in the early 1950s when I heard that they were saving the last two TM interurbans.  ANYTHING HELPS, and IT IS ALL NEEDED! Your donation can be made directly to the museum or by visiting the IRM website and donating at our “store.’  What are you planning to do with your tax refund?  

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