Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Missing Parts

Historically accurate restorations are often hampered by missing hardware, hardware of special types that you can't just buy at the local hardware store.  Today the focus is on window lifts.

Our friends at Mid-Continent are currently restoring their coach built by the Hicks Locomotive and Car Works, Munising #64, and they need about 20 more window lifts of the type shown here.  I've never seen anything quite like this, have you?  

Meanwhile, we are still in the market for window lifts of the type shown here, which I'll need to complete the 36.  Actually, the 319 was missing a complete set of these, and I robbed the 36 in order to put the 319 into service.  One way or the other, we need about 30 more.  I would much rather have old brass than new; reproductions never have the right appearance, and usually take a lot of finishing work just to make them useable.  Any leads would be a big help. 


Anonymous said...

Have you talked to Donald Curry and Danny Cohn at Seashore Trolley Museum?

they have assembled the largest collection of electric stuff anywhere: from wheels down to the smallest screws! Good luck in your search!

Ted Miles
IRM Member 2014

David Church said...

Look under Brass Window Lifts on Amazon. I saw a few possibly serviceable items tho not identical. Do any look possible to you?

Randall Hicks said...

Those are good suggestions. I looked on Amazon but nothing appears close enough to even buy a sample. So we'll keep looking.