Thursday, February 13, 2014

Next Door, Neighbors

Today's progress can be quickly described.  The four windows already in the shop, 21-24, got the next coat of paint on both sides. This seemed like a good time to start on the next side door, so I went out the the 36, removed it, and brought it back to the shop for repainting.  Here's what it looks like before work starts. The outside (L) was painted red at Cleveland as part of the Columbia Park scheme, and the inside still has its final red from Wheaton.

Somehow the picture taken after disassembly vanished.  But the metal strips holding the drop sash in place, the metal plates on both sides of the lower half, and the various pieces of hardware were removed for stripping and repainting.  

These metal strips were wire-wheeled down to bare metal, and then painted with brown primer.  Everything on the side doors gets painted blue.

It will certainly be a relief when repainting of the 36, at least the exterior, is complete.

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Anonymous said...

i am glad the trip to Russia wnt well! Ha Ha!!

I just renewed my membership for 2014. I hope all of you closer members are remembering to do yours!

There is that Car Barn 14 and so many other important projects!

Ted Miles
IRM Member for 2014