Thursday, February 27, 2014

The End Is In Sight

Nothing too exciting today, but thanks to some of the work done by Larry Stone on Saturday, good progress was made on repainting doors and windows for the 36.  The side door was reassembled, and all remaining surfaces painted blue.  On the left is a picture from two weeks ago; on the right the final result.  It will be ready for installation on Saturday.  One more side door needs to be repainted.

And the last unrestored windows in the car were removed and brought to the shop.  23 and 24 were installed, completing the main compartment, and 27 and 28 were removed from the car.  25 and 26 got first white primer on both sides.  So the end is in sight.

And I talked to Nick about an article for Rail & Wire.  Don't let your subscription lapse!


Anonymous said...

Not being overly knowledgeable about electric equipment (but trying to learn more) I would appreciate it if you could clarify for me about the third rails which have been discussed recently. I believe the third rail is the pickup for power from the ground level rail. To my knowledge I there is no third rail at IRM and all power comes from above. Are these third rails being restored for histories sake or do they have some other functions.

Mark Becker

Randall Hicks said...

Mark: You are correct about the third rails. There are no third rails at IRM, although there are plans to install a short section of (unpowered) third rail for demo purposes. But nothing has happened yet. Any third rail equipment on the cars is being installed just so they will look right.