Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Indiana Railroad 65 - Plea for Help

 From Jon Fenlaciki:

Here are two photos of ten seats completed by our vendor.  They were installed yesterday.   Ten more remain to be reupholstered.  Funds are still badly needed as more material had to be ordered. (Good old cost overrun!).   We need extra funds now to get this important project finished!  Thanks!!!

(RH: For those who came in late, Indiana Railroad 65 was our Museum's first car, and it is operational, but has never had quite the right upholstery until now.  This is a very worthwhile project.  Tax-deductible contributions to IRM should be earmarked for the IRR 65 restricted fund.)


Anonymous said...

I looked for this car 65 restricted fund on IRM website. Could not find it.

David Church

Anonymous said...

1. How much money is needed?
2. is there a link on the museum store site for the project?

Frank Hicks said...

Jon Fenlaciki asked me to pass along that about $16,000 is needed to completely fund this project. Donations can be sent to IRM with "Indiana RR 65" on the memo line, which will put the money directly towards the car's restoration fund. Unfortunately I don't believe there's an option on the IRM website to donate automatically online at the present time.