Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thomas and the Beast

 "You have got to start pulling your own weight around here," Thomas said to the hulking B40-8 that he happened to be coupled to one day.  "You can't expect little old me, with my limited weight on drivers, to do all of the work of switching out all these yards filled with heavy cars and locomotives that need to be moved in order to keep the world's largest railway museum in motion.  You are a big, powerful locomotive, and you need to earn your keep!"

"Ha!" replied the Diesel haughtily.  "Who are you to tell me what I should be doing?  I have power far beyond your feeble dreams.  I can pull more tonnage than you can possibly imagine.  My fuel tank can hold enough to float a battleship.  I can push heavy coal trains up steep mountains..."

"Well, you can boast all you want, but I never see you at the other end of the long Thomas train, helping me carry hundreds of happy families on their Day Out With Thomas outings to and fro.  Where are you when this museum has its busiest time of the year?"

"Is that all you ever do, just whine and complain?" sneered the Beast.  "One would think you were a member of the Car Department!"

"Now that's very unfair!" objected Thomas.  "After all, I work extremely hard for this museum when I'm here.  I bring in large crowds of people, and without me, it would be very difficult to keep expanding and make room for modern locomotives like you.  You should really be more grateful."

The B40-8 pondered carefully for a few moments.  "Well, maybe you're right.  I'm new here, and I hadn't thought about it like that.  Thanks, little blue buddy!"

And after that, they were the best of friends.  The End.


Patrick Cunningham, CIP, FAI said...

The little blue engine is quite punctual.

Anonymous said...

Someone has read a little Thomas in his day.... now all you need are the stop action pictures to go with it!


Anonymous said...

Hopefully the B40-8 will receive its well deserved new coat of paint...


Chris said...

Hopefully Cotton Belt when the time comes. It would match SP 1518 pretty well. Which by the way needs paint too.