Sunday, July 6, 2014

Pageant Photos Galore

From Chuck Amstein comes another great collection of photos from yesterday's Trolley Pageant.  Even if you were there, you probably missed some parts of it (I know I did) so this fills in the gaps.  As usual, these are copyright by the photographer and may not be reproduced, etc....

The electric operating crews gather for the morning's organizational meeting.

And the 1630 is being prepped.

Our inspection car is on display. 

The new location of the coal pile is too tempting for little fingers.

It's train time at Wheaton!

 Tim's wooden L cars.

Interior of the 144.

We actually got a large number of people to stand in the 229 for a trip.  Didn't the Zhivagos at least get some wooden bunks?

The 101 had an electrical failure near the end of its run, but luckily the 229 was nearby to pull it back to the depot.  The problem was quickly fixed by our ace repair crew once the car was over the pit.

And here is part of our streetcar parade.  Frank H. is running the 144.

 Ed Rosengren on the 4391.

Frank Sirinek, of course, on the 141.  


Dan Buck on the 3142.

And many of our newest CTA rapid transit cars.

The demonstration freight train, pulled by  TM locomotive L-4.

Next, the Vera Cruz open car, and CSL Matchbox 1372, which seldom sees service these days.

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