Wednesday, November 16, 2016

CCW 300 Runs!

Today's most exciting news is that we have another operating electric locomotive, Charles City Western #300.   Project Manager Pete Galayda is seen here standing next to it.  He has been working on it for the past 15 years, and this is the rewarding culmination of a great deal of effort.

Pete had never actually operated anything at IRM before, so he needed some quick operator training.   He did quite well, of course.  This was almost as much fun as teaching physics.

Some of these photos are by Rich Schauer.

 The Veracruz open car had to be run out of the barn first.

And after the 300, the Cleveland PCC had to be pulled out (by the Army Diesel, run by Rod) so we could get to the next attraction, the LSE freight trailer. 

If you look closely, it appears this truck was stolen from CSL 4001.

And here is the newly repainted and lettered LSE 810.  Gerry and John wanted to check that the brakes were not hanging up on curves, that the side bearings (when complete) would have the proper clearance, and so on.  This car really looks great.  I don't know of any other interurban freight trailer like this one that has been completely restored.  

It's unbelievable to compare this with pictures of it when it was a farm shed.   It has been competely rebuilt.  We should mention that George Clark was in charge of this work for many years.

And while it was being pushed, we got to ride in the car around the carline.

And here it is coupled up to the steeplecab.  What a neat train!

And then we took the 300 on another ride around the carline.   Here we are parked at Electric Park.

People helping with the switch move and testing included Rod, Pete, Rich, Gerry Dettloff, John Faulhaber, and me.  

I also managed to do some work on the 36.   The remaining flaps were cleaned off on both sides using the big wire wheel.

And then I finished putting a first coat of blue on the rest of the #2 vestibule.

And in other news, Dave Diamond and the B&G guys spent most of the day replacing rotten wood and generally fixing up the platform canopy at 50th Avenue.  Maintaining the various buildings on campus is a huge task.  It's a good thing we have somebody who's up to the challenge.

Oh, and I was going to take some pictures of the new step boxes and other items being prepared for the Santa trains, but didn't get around to it.   Anyway, it looks like we'll be ready, so don't miss it!


Anonymous said...

Looks like the LSE boxcar will now pass the Bill McGregor pencil test with flying colors (no pencil can be pushed through a corner post).

Anonymous said...

I have read the old issues of Rail & Wire about the 810 and it came off the farm in Ohio without a single piece of metal on the body.

What a significant piece of restoration on an almost unique car type. I only know of one other express trailer. IRM is a true leader!

Ted Miles, IRM Member