Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Indiana Railroad 65 - Part 2

More photos of cars in the IRM collection sent to us by Art Peterson.

All Images Copyright by the Krambles-Peterson Archive

A few weeks ago we posted some picture of the 65 in Indiana, including a couple after the end of service.   Here we have several of the car in Iowa, mostly disguised as Crandic #120.   If we have any Hawkeyes out there, perhaps you could help us with identifying specific locations in Iowa City!

Photo by George Krambles, May 8, 1943.   The car has not yet been repainted.

Stored at the shops, next to a C&LE car.

A year later, May 7, 1944, the car is on its inaugural fantrip as #120.

In front of the Engineering building at the University.

Another location on campus during the same fantrip.

And in front of the North Liberty substation.


Dan said...

The fourth picture shows the car traveling southbound on Capitol Street, near the corner of Capitol and Washington St. The University of Iowa Engineering Building is shown in the background. A view today:


The fifth picture shows the car traveling westbound on Washington Street, again near the corner of Washington and Capitol St. Maclean Hall is shown on the left, and Schaeffer Hall on the right, both part of the famous "Pentacrest" on the University of Iowa campus. Today's view:


Dan Sorce
University of Iowa '05

Randall Hicks said...

Thanks, Dan, for the information!