Thursday, June 29, 2017

Not the End of the World

IRM got a lot of rain over the past day or two, and there is some standing water here and there, but it isn't the end of the world.  We've seen worse, that's for sure.  There was no real damage to the railroad or structures, and it appears our drainage system is generally doing an excellent job of draining the standing water.   When I arrived about 9 in the morning, there were some unexpected ponds, but these had shrunk quite a bit by the time I left.  I would think that there should be little impact on the planned activities for this weekend.

None of the barns flooded except a little at the east end of Barn 3, which is certainly the lowest point.  But it was a lot worse back in 1978, and a few times since. 

But let's get to work.  I checked the brakes and control system on the three-car blue train, in preparation for this weekend, and everything seems to be fine.  

Another project that has been put off for the last 15 years or so is finishing the circuit for the headlight at the #2 end of the 308, the end which was rebuilt.  I finally got a piece of copper tubing of the right size, and cut two pieces that run through a hole in the door posts; on the inside the copper is bent into a flange for the electrical connection.

That took a while, but the result is that it works!  

And around the hole in the door post I needed another circular pad.  I'm really not sure why they're necessary, but it wouldn't look right without them.  The letter B should probably be moved down, but not today.  And the primer will turn red on Saturday.

And I painted Frank's primer on the 319 black.  I guess we'll need another coat, but it looks fine in person.

And I checked the oil in the compressors, straightened up the seats, etc. etc.

Jon Fenlaciki was working on the roof of the 65:

And Thomas will be here in little more than a week.   Tents are springing up all over the property.

 And finally, here's a better picture of the plans for Union Station: 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update
C Kronenwetter

Joshua Sutherland said...

Curious, do you guys happen to know what will be running on what days for the Trolley Pageant?

Frank Hicks said...

Saturday is the closest thing to a traditional pageant we're running this year; the focus will be on the Chicago "L" and everything from the CRT/CTA that runs will be running. Scheduled:

1st: CRT/NWERR woods, CTA 4000s, singles, 6600s, 2000s, 2200s, CSL 1374, VC 19; CTA 52, 6100s, 2400s on display
2nd: CA&E woods and steels (morning); NSL cars, CTA 2000s/2200s, IT 101 (afternoon); CTA 3142, VC 19
3rd: North Shore cars, CA&E woods, CTA 2200s, CTA 3142 and 4391
4th: North Shore cars, CRT woods, CTA 2200s, CSL 1374 and CTA 4391

Chris said...

Does the turret say 1953? That seems a little late for a turreted building like that.

Randall Hicks said...

That's a good point, Chris. I'd vote for 1893. In any case, I'm sure details like lettering don't have to be finalized before construction can be contracted.

Anonymous said...

My guess would be 1953 refers to the year IERM/IRM was founded.

Mike G.