Thursday, June 15, 2017

Weekday Report

It was nice to be back out at the Museum today.  The first thing was to rearrange the order of the cars, so that the 308 and 319 will be the service cars for this weekend, running both days.

When lined up on the ladder, they look like this:

After putting together the train and checking that everything worked OK, I parked it outside the barn to do some more painting in the vestibule of the 319.  

The lighting is better and there's a breeze.

Our old friend Larry Goerges showed up and went for a short ride.  Also, we had a couple of visitors from Australia.  They were suitably impressed with the size and scope of the collection.   "There's nothing like this in Australia!"  I mentioned that there's nothing else quite like this in the US, either.   I'm always glad to talk to visitors, especially ones from overseas.

And then there were a few minor things to fix.  The 308 has a gash in its roof from an incident last year in which the 319's pole came out of the base, and hit the 308 on its way to the ground.  John McKelvey was working on upholstery, as usual, and found me an appropriate scrap of canvas.  Now I just need to have the train wyed this weekend so I can get the platform next to the place to be patched.  And I checked the oil, and so on.  It was too hot to work very hard.

In case you're wondering, there doesn't seem to have been much effect from the heavy rain yesterday.  No washouts to affect service on the main, and the signals were working fine.

And since it was a Thursday, there wasn't much else happening, so I don't have any pictures of other Car Dept. projects.  However, my brother, who lives in Denver, sends us these nice photos of the D&S, getting ready to leave Durango.   That will have to do for today.   But just wait till this weekend!

 (Three photos by Brian Hicks)

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