Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Big Picture

Many of you have noticed that some of the older photo albums no longer show an enlarged image when you click on the thumbnail.  This is an issue with Lightbox, the system that has been collecting all the images in a post, showing you a set of thumbnails at the bottom, etc.  But it doesn't work on images posted before about 2010.  Blogger is aware of this issue and should be coming up with a fix.  Until then, I've turned Lightbox off.  For any photo, click on the thumbnail, then back arrow to return to the post, as we used to do.  Let me know if you notice any problems.

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Anonymous said...

Randy, I notice quite a bit of flooding of the IRM grounds visible on the web cams since last night's storms. Will this impact any of the weekend special events? I'd hate to spend the time driving there only to find the parking lot and grounds under water :)
C Kronenwetter
IRM Member