Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sixty Years Later

Frank recently posted a picture of a young man standing on the Charles City Western 300 back about 1957, and asked for people to identify him.  Nobody has done so yet, I'm sorry to say, so here's a clue.  We reshot the picture with the same individual.  The 300 is inside Barn 6 and blocked by three North Shore cars, one of which is currently disabled, so the lighting and available angles are far from ideal.   When the locomotive can get outside again, we'll stage a better version of this.  But once again, it's interesting to see the same person, same equipment, so many years apart.


Art said...

It's Uncle Nick!

Frank Hicks said...

Actually, our old friend Gregg Wolfersheim did guess correctly and submitted his answer by e-mail before the answer was posted - congrats to Gregg!