Monday, June 26, 2017

Trick Question

A few days ago I asked people to guess what this was used for:

That was a trick question.  It was never used for anything, it's a piece of modern art.  While visiting my daughter, we went to a modern art museum.  This is just a small sampling of the stuff on display.

My favorite piece of "art" is a pit with huge stacks of old newspapers, left there to rot for years:

Then there were random piles of bricks, odd slabs of concrete, rusty iron....

It struck me that several parts of IRM's material yard could be modern art if only we had the right signage.  And if we charged as much for admission as they do, we could make a lot of money on the side.   Now if we just knew somebody with time on his hands and a natural gift for BS....

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Chris said...

The guy who made Spindle in Berwyn also made "pelts" out of cars and did a lot of transportation things. I wonder what he would have done with train parts.