Monday, December 21, 2009

518 Report

Now we're waiting for the trucks from the 36 and 319 to arrive sometime soon, but I'm not sure when. Tim Peters was working as usual on the 1268, but there was no one else from the Car Dept. around.

So I did some more work on the 518. I had completed two windows a couple of months ago, but they had not yet been installed. The outer storm windows are generally in good shape, so I just put them down while the inner windows are being repaired. Here's (L) the double window sector with everything removed. And after the new windows were installed and all screws installed, it looks (R) like this:

Then I removed the next two inner windows and took them to my workshop in the baggage compartment of the 277. Both windows were stripped and sanded. Here's one of them. The space heater doesn't get the compartment really warm, but it's certainly comfortable enough for working.

And here's one of the windows after a first coat of brown primer on the outside. I only have room to do one at a time.

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Steve Heister said...

I was at Brookpark Yard late Monday afternoon. 319 was already loaded on a set of dolly wheels. 36 was up on the jacks with a severe case of reverse swayback. As I left she was secured to the dolly wheels. The two semi's with the trucks from these cars departed Brookpark at 4:30pm.